what is Artificial Intelligence ? what is AI ? latest technology

As indicated by the father of Manmade brainpower, John McCarthy Artificial intelligence is "The science and building of making clever machines, particularly wise PC programs". Manmade brainpower is a method for making a PC, a PC controlled robot, or a product think keenly, in the comparable way the insightful people think. 
AI is refined by concentrate how human mind considers, and how people learn, choose, and work while endeavoring to take care of an issue, and after that utilizing the results of this examination as a premise of creating wise programming and frameworks. 

in straightforward it is the advancement of robots. artificial intelligence helps robots to think and feel like humans. with the help of artificial intelligence robots or machines can make decisions without consent of anyone, can think like humans..the main motive of developing the artificial intelligence (ai) is to do all the complex things with ease and with time..
Actually, the diverse subfields of AI are as of now being utilized as a part of drug, the car business, quantum material science, the budgetary world, producing and distinctive sorts of business programming. 
The summed up meaning of Manmade brainpower is – a PC program which can do a total reenactment of the human mind. While this is not wrong and making a self-instructing AI that will reflect human learning may be a definitive objective for a few scientists, it's not every bit of relevant information. The extent of Computerized reasoning is significantly more extensive, including advances like Virtual Operators, Common Dialect Preparing, Machine Learning Stages and numerous other.